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Changes Accepted as of  10/19/10



All Members shall obey the By-Laws and Rules of the Glastonbury Yacht Club, thereafter called GYC. Each member assumes full responsibility individually for his/her conduct, the conduct of his/her family and guests and is responsible to insure that his/her family and guests obey the By-Laws and Rules of the GYC.


As an express condition of membership, each member shall procure a liability insurance policy and maintain in full force with a single limit of at least $300,000 for personal injury, death and property damage arising from the negligence of the member of his/her family incidental to his/her (their) use of or conduct on the GYC premises or facilities. Proof of a policy in force (i.e. a copy of an initial policy issuance or renewal) should be submitted to the Treasurer prior to launch of the memberís boat. A copy of the policy renewal should be submitted to the Treasurer if a policy comes up for renewal after the boat has been launched.


Each member shall provide the Club with a copy of the "State of Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate" for each person in the family that will be operating their boat.

Non-members are permitted on the GYC premises and facilities only when accompanied by a member.


No boat will be accepted for a dock slip over 35 ft. as established by the Boatís State registration form.

The individual member shall assume full responsibility for the seaworthy and safe condition in of his/her watercraft and of all mooring lines and attachments or equipment incidental to the use of the watercraft.

The individual member shall have available for his/her use a trailer, mooring, anchor or other means of securing his water craft a safe distance away from the docks in the event of inclement weather.


The DOCKMASTER or ACTING DOCKMASTER has full authority of the docks to include but not limited to:


bulletSlip assignments



bulletHaving boat(s) removed from dock



bulletApproval of dock lines



bulletApproval of power cords



bulletApproval of any appurtenances added to the slips (Hose holders, hardware, protective materials, etc.)



bulletTemporary assignment of slips to other than assigned individuals

The DOCKMASTER has full authority of all moorings to include but not be limited to:





bulletAnchor and lines prior to installation


The DOCKMASTER will be governed by the following:


bulletSlip assignments will be made with consideration of boat suitability (length specified for slip, width, etc.)


bulletNo member will lose his slip except voluntarily or by loss of membership or corrective action taken by the Board of Governors.



bulletWhen an assigned slip is not occupied (except for periods less than 24 hours) it comes under the control of the Dockmaster.



bulletA member obtaining a boat exceeding the size specified for his/her slip will have to find other accommodations until he/she becomes eligible for an available larger slip.



bulletUnassigned slips will be assigned in accordance with seniority. All members will be polled in accordance with seniority, however the unassigned slip must be suitable for the boat.



bulletVacant slips temporarily assigned to members will be charged for at the rate described on the Fee Schedule but not to exceed the yearly rate that would be charged for the same boat.



bulletNobody shall have more than one slip permanently assigned.



bulletMooring and/or ramp privileges will not be assigned beyond the number approved by the membership.




bulletAbide by instructions of the DOCKMASTER or ACTING DOCKMASTER.



bulletMembers will have the use of the assigned slip during the season when they are at the facility with their boat.



bulletNot occupy any slip other than their assigned slip without the permission of the DOCKMASTER.



bulletIn cases of emergency where the member cannot use or access their assigned slip, the member should tie up at the end of the docks. The DOCKMASTER should be contacted as soon as possible for obtaining temporary assignment to another slip.


bulletAdvise the DOCKMASTER any time that they will not be occupying their slip for a period greater than 24 hours.



bulletObtain approval of Dockmaster as to the suitability of any new boat for existing slip assignment.



bulletWill notify the DOCKMASTER or ACTING DOCKMASTER immediately of any unsafe conditions discovered on the docks that cannot be corrected by the member.


Not following the Dockmaster's instructions shall be considered a significant violation of the Club Rules and will be handled per the By Laws Article XI I.


The membership has agreed to accept 5 additional members on a one-time basis for ramp and/or mooring privileges. Yearly the membership shall vote whether or not fill any or all vacancies in this class of Membership that may occur the next season

This membership privilege shall be offered in the order indicated by the "Membership Waiting List" except as noted in by-laws 3B.

Those with mooring privileges shall provide their own tenders and these shall be kept only on the beach or dock area specifically set-aside for this purpose. Members with these privileges shall not occupy any slips. They also shall not occupy the face of the docks for any period longer than necessary for loading and unloading.



Running on the docks and "horseplay" on the GYC premises shall not be permitted.


Children under 12 years of age must wear a PFD (Life Jacket) while on the docks.

Boats are to be kept under control at all times and shall be operated so as not to create any wake.

No vehicle or trailer shall be operated, parked or positioned so as to block access to the boat ramp or access to other vehicles.

No trailer, boat or equipment shall be stored on the premises of the GYC except for short periods or emergency or repair, without the express permission of the executive committee. Camping trailers, utility trailers, camping buses, pickup campers, or similar type recreational vehicles shall be prohibited from the club property unless owner is present. They shall not have any utilities hooked up; they shall not be occupied or utilized overnight. Trailers are allowed to be stored on the East Side of the Tryon St. property during the boating season provided they are clearly marked as to ownership and if locked the key will be stored in the key lockbox in the Clubhouse.


This is a working club and all members are expected to clean up after themselves, their families and guests. All members are required to attend workdays as assigned by the Commodore.

Each member is responsible for his litter and shall sort bottles, cans and paper into the indicated trash barrels; he or she shall remove garbage and other waste to the dumpster located on GYC premises. Garbage and trash shall not be burned in the barbecue fireplace.

Each member shall clean the clubhouse after use by him/herself, his/her family or guest; he/she shall not leave food in the refrigerator for an extended period of time; he/she shall turn off the lights and lock the house upon leaving the house.



Rewritten February, 1985

Rewritten March. 1988

Computer Scanned December 1996

Rewritten 3/2000 (for approval)

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Approved by Membership 9/19/00

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